Siemon is new Endorser of European Commission Code of Conduct on Data Centres’ Energy Efficiency

Siemon is the latest organisation to achieve Endorser status of the European Commission’s Code of Conduct on Data Centres’ Energy Efficiency. This voluntary code sets out to minimise the energy consumption of data centres – both new build and existing – by improving understanding of energy demand, raising awareness and recommending energy efficient best practice and targets.

With Endorser status, Siemon is expected to utilise the Code of Conduct to develop products, solutions and programmes to enable data centre owners and operators to meet expected reduction targets in energy consumption. It is also expected to help its clients develop and implement actions that will tackle power consumption inefficiencies as well as encourage their support of the Code of Conduct as signed ‘Participants’.

The Code was created in response to increasing energy consumption in data centres and seeks to reduce the impact of this. It aims to address the environmental and economic impact of energy usage and safeguard the security of energy supply. It tackles issues such as over-provisioning, whilst safeguarding reliability and operational continuity of the services provided by data centres. For ‘Participants’, it promotes a practical approach and considers both IT energy load and facilities load, when viewed at both an equipment and system level.

Commenting on the company’s eligibility and pedigree as an Endorser, marketing manager for Siemon EMEA, Dan Vout, explained, “Siemon has long campaigned for environmentally responsible data centre design and operation. The company has developed a wide portfolio of products for the data centre and all of these have been designed with energy efficiency as a key criterion. Beyond our products and systems, experts within Siemon have continuously supported data centre designers, owners and operators with technical advice and information. Examples being Carrie Higbie’s white paper ‘The Impact of Infrastructure on Green Data Centres’ and Lee Funnell’s seminar at the Data Centre Alliance Conference concerning data centre sustainability.”

Siemon’s green credentials extend through a century of the company’s history and today it boasts carbon negative global operations. The company reached this green benchmark through an aggressive program of environmental improvement initiatives, including the development of more energy-efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes, zero-landfill recycling, increased reliance on renewable energy sources such as solar power and carbon offsets based on extensive forestland conservation efforts.

In the data centre, Siemon’s products are designed to actively promote natural cooling and its guides on infrastructure design focus on performance, reliability, security and sustainability. Its global data centre services team offers guidance on Sstandards-based IT infrastructure design and blueprinting, advice on power consumption and energy reduction.

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