Significant Homeworker Savings

A survey by Citrix has revealed that the credit crunch is pressuring IT decision makers to cater for an increasingly distributed workforce. The research found that 58 per cent expected the numbers of remote workers to increase further in the coming year, with employees expecting exactly the same level of applications and information as in the office.

Commenting on the findings, Mike Ballantine, Business Development Manager at Aastra says,
“Commuting to work everyday can be a major strain on people’s finances and increase their stress levels. Given that many of the UK’s commuters – if equipped with the right, readily-available technology – could do their job equally well, if not better, from home. Firms can also benefit from allowing remote and flexible working with lower real estate and energy costs, higher morale and increased staff retention that the practice offers.

Research Aastra released in the summer showed that staff can make significant time, 55 hours per year, and financial, £590 per year, savings if they were able to work from home just one day per week.

However, there needs to be a relationship built on trust to make remote or flexible working function effectively. It needs boardroom backing, with stringent policies in place to govern the security of data and deter abuse, plus of course it needs the right technology.”

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