SIMalliance offers guidance for Long Term Evolution

SIMalliance, the global association of SIM card manufacturers, has provided a first glimpse of its recommendations on the role of the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile environment.

A standardised physical and logical platform for smart card multi applications, the UICC is the mandatory secure element to assure safe and protected access to mobile LTE and IMS networks.

LTE networks represent a new era of connectivity which lets consumers enjoy wider mobile broadband, the highest network speed, near universal coverage and low latency. For operators and device manufacturers, LTE represents a wealth of opportunities to deliver, and most importantly derive revenue from, the provision of these services or applications.

Adding LTE permanent connectivity to the UICC transforms it into an IP-connected platform, capable of exposing services and applications directly accessible from IP networks. Furthermore, the UICC as a networked cryptographic computer, offers reliable and easy-to-use solutions for securing cloud-based services or applications executed in the LTE device. Critically, it also offers the opportunity to manage and control operator-branded applications, downloaded and upgraded Over-The-Air (OTA).

“The UICC has always been the ideal connected, secured, interoperable platform for the rapid mass deployment of services on any device. It will continue playing a key role in the development of technologies that place LTE & Web 2.0 at the heart of the mobile services ecosystem,” said Frédéric Vasnier, chairman of the board at SIMalliance.

A more detailed set of recommendations, the LTE UICC Profile, will result from this White Paper. The LTE UICC profile will provide guidance to operators and other ecosystem players designing and creating new products and services for LTE.

Mobile industry representatives who wish to get involved with the SIMalliance LTE Working Group are encouraged to do so, to support the delivery and adoption of this critical technology. The Group is open to handset & device manufacturers, software providers and system integrators, and can be joined via the SIMalliance Strategic Partner Programme.

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