Simwood Hits out at Nuisance Calls

In a recent blog post Simwood have discussed the recent “crack down” by the government on tackling nuisance calls. Simon Woodhead talks about how his company have suffered particularly at the hands to nuisance calls.

The post reads “When a consumer calls their phone company, and lets take BT as a significant example, the handler will lookup the number given on their system and tell the caller who the Range Holder is. In our experience, where some of our unallocated numbers have been falsified by overseas call centres, this has resulted in the caller being told “Simwood has called you”. Aside from the anti-competitive nature of this, this leads to substantial confusion and actually a third victim as the wrath of the harassed consumer is mis-directed.

In our case we have been forced to place a notice to consumers right on our home page explaining this. Thankfully many years after this problem started it is now at least acknowledged as existing but the process hasn’t changed. This therefore means today’s changes allow a bigger fine for someone that still cannot be identified, and talk of forcing more of the behaviour that caused the problem in the first place!

We again ask OFCOM and the DCMS to reform the Nuisance Call process within the incumbent and other major operators to avoid this harm. They simply need to look more deeply into where the problem call actually entered their network, rather than which operator’s number was used. That is something we do routinely; it is not hard. The old process was appropriate 40 years ago; it is not today where an operator or even retail customer could use different networks for inbound and outbound calls, thus needing to present some other network’s CLI on outbound calls and therefore having the ability to abuse it.”

To read the rest of the post from Simwood you can find it here

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine