Single? Get a Blackberry!

According to a new study by a mobile phone comparison website in the UK, the BlackBerry has beaten the Apple iPhone to be crowned the ‘most attractive’ phone for a man to have in the eyes of women; with BlackBerry men seen by women as ‘confident and successful.’

Whilst the BlackBerry may not be beating the Apple iPhone in the sales charts, it appears that they’re top of the handsets when it comes to female appeal. According to a new study conducted by a mobile phone comparison website in the UK, women consider BlackBerries to be the ‘most attractive’ handset for a man to own; pipping the Apple iPhone to the post.

The study, conducted by, polled 1,901 single men and women aged 18 and over from across the country as part of research into the perception of and attitudes towards mobile phone handsets.

Those taking part were asked, “What mobile phone handsets do you find most attractive for a member of the opposite sex to use?”

According to the results, the top five handsets that the women taking part found most attractive for a man to own were as follows:
1) BlackBerry Z Series- 36%
2) Apple iPhone (any model)- 31%
3) Sony Xperia Series- 29%
4) BlackBerry Bold Series- 25%
5) Samsung Galaxy S Series- 21%

In contrast, the top five handsets that men found most attractive for a woman to own, according to the results, were as follows:

1) Apple iPhone (any model)- 43%
2) Samsung Galaxy S Series- 39%
3) Nokia Lumia Series- 35%
4) BlackBerry Z Series- 23%
5) Blackberry Bold Series- 21%

Adam Cable, Director of, commented on the results “Mobile phones play a huge part in our lives, and with this study we really wanted to look into whether or not they play a part when it comes to perceptions of the opposite sex; particularly when it comes to attraction. It’s clear that BlackBerries and iPhones are top of the charts when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex because they seem to promote an image of success and style- which was very interesting to see!

“Singletons with HTCs might need to watch out- it appears they may work against you when trying to attract a partner. If you’re having trouble, maybe borrow a mate’s iPhone or BlackBerry. That way, you can be confident that you ooze success and style without your phone letting you down!”

…I’m off to the shops!

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