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Sarah-Jane Heber-Hall, Operations Director at Computertel, says if there is one investment that any organisation should consider making in these tight economic times, it should be in top quality recording and quality monitoring solutions report, leading research firms.

“In this recession there appears to be a consistent focus by companies to ensure that they retain their current client base and offer their customers a consistent standard of service and support that leads to a positive customer experience every time.

In short, call recording are migrating from being cost-resources to profit tools. They are evolving and becoming even more effective, thanks to new features and functionality, available on SME solutions, as standard. IP and cloud-based solutions are now common requirements and subsequently blanket recording requirements are the norm. With the reduction in the cost of usual storage equipment and hardware, (when they are easily available and not affected by adverse weather conditions in Thailand) supplemented with the ability to do more with the recordings than just listen to them randomly for quality monitoring purposes, call recording equipment has reached a new level

For such reasons there appears to be an increase in call recording sales as the economic downturn bottoms out; and the new FSA legislation for Mobile recording has also breathed fresh air into the Finance Marketplace too.

Datamonitor reported that its global market forecast model showed call recording growing at a steady compound annual growth rate of 6.5 percent between 2009 and 2013.

Recording systems now provide a focus for the management of customer data. Basic recording and monitoring of calls is now standard practice in many industries, but enterprises now also expect to be able to understand and manage information and analyze trends, regardless of the size of their operation.

Call recording not only captures voice conversations, but also the data entry, screen navigation and desktop activities that agents use. This is a potential upselling opportunity, for providing a holistic view of internal processes and procedures. This full picture delivers a complete view into how customer experiences unfold: and how the personnel, technology, and processes performed work together – or not!. Recording can be used to capture e-mail, chat and Web transactions, along with back office department workflow such as claims processing, order entry and billing that have definite impacts on the resulting customer experience. Most of these additions are licensable, so offer a realistic method of upselling opportunity and a reason to revisit clients.

Training and assessment is now also practised through call recording, allowing calls to be used in the appraisal and assessment process. Most SME systems offer an assessment module, or equivalent, as standard, that can be added, when required.

The protection of customer data is also a growing concern, following recent breaches and hacking scans in the media spotlight. Call recording solutions should feature encryption, secure storage environments, and options not to record relating to PCI DSS legislation and Data protection.

ComputerTel’s Carina brand of products offers all of these elements to the reseller marketplace, along with installation, maintenance and aftercare packages, to assist resellers make sufficient margin for minimal input. We even offer free API software for customers and end-users who wish to implement their own PCI DSS solutions, and we offer cost-effective and realistically priced PCI DSS software solutions, for those who just want a solution to help meet their compliance needs.

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