Siplink Users Receive Free Numbers

Many businesses are now demanding a more flexible approach to communications and calls to be made over broadband, along with cheaper call rates according to research carried out by Node4. Node4’s response to this is SIPlink, which the company says offers significantly reduced line rental charges, cheaper call charges compared to other tariff providers, along with the ability to port numbers from several top providers for free.

SIPlink customers can be provided with geographic or non-geographic numbers from most UK exchanges free of charge. These numbers can be used to provide the business with presence in any part of the country.

Node4 say customers receive an estimated saving of up to 55% on connection and annual charges compared to a traditional ISDN30 solution, making SIP trunking a hugely popular choice in the past few months for Node4 customers. The technology also provides the benefit of free calls to any other SIP user, making more savings on calls between offices in multi-site businesses.

The company says their SIPlink service, which was launched at the beginning of April, has proved to be an astounding success with several wholesalers and resellers signing up to the SIP trunking solution in the first month.

The success of the product is being attributed by Node4 to the amount of research and testing that was carried out by the Node4 team in the months running up to the launch. Trials with Internet Service Providers, Wholesale minute providers and Resellers took place to ensure the smooth running of the service, along with end-user tests to guarantee that the solution can be used to its full potential.

Node4 spokesperson Paul Bryce, “Competitive advantage for many businesses is all about speed, so having a network that can be relied on is crucial. A SIP network based on Node4’s Quality of Service broadband offers this speed and quality advantage, along with the business continuity that is also a necessity. This continuity is helped with the ability to send any calls down the PSTN line connected to the site in the event of a broadband failure, ensuring calls can be made and received at all times.

We are extremely pleased with the success and take-up of the SIPlink service. The feedback we have received has been very positive. SIPlink was a natural add-on to our existing portfolio of products which includes co-location, dedicated hosting and IP-BVN amongst others. We are always looking to expand this portfolio even further.”

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