Small business owners declare profit in hard times

Small businesses are producing profit despite the economic downturn. PGO Sales research has shown an increase in profit growth of all its small businesses.

As more and more people look to secure a secondary income or safeguard their retirement by generating income through the operation of a small business, PGO Sales has conducted an online survey of all its small business owners to determine profitability margins of its businesses for sale packages in the middle of a recession.

The figures received showed most clients were experiencing an increase in profits compared to figures of one to two years ago. The survey showed some startling statistics such as the rise in internet traffic to online websites, after researching further it was shown that as the economy fell more and more people stayed indoors as opposed to spending money on costly entertainment.

This has resulted in a significant increase in internet usage, which has had a direct impact on all the internet businesses surveyed.

Also, while spending was down on the High Street, internet business owners with e-commerce platforms saw an increase in their online sales which again attributed to higher business profit turnover.

Paul Giles, managing director of Internet Businesses For Sale and PGO Sales, stated that the reason for the survey was based on the latest trend of its small business sales which has increased over the last year in the face of economic downturn. “We wanted to see if the increase in business we were seeing was filtering through to our client’s online businesses, which it clearly has been. This is not only great news for our company but also for small businesses as a whole.”

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