Small Businesses Can Save A Penny or Two With Cloud Computing

According to a recent survey conducted by the International Data Corporation, almost every SME that uses Cloud services saves money, with most lowering costs between 10% and 20%. Statistics from the report show that 64% of SME’s use at least one Cloud-based service and this number is set to rise as 25% of small businesses say that they plan to use the Cloud services in the future.

Graeme Gordon, Operations Director of Internet for Business (IFB) says, “Cloud computing continues to face scrutiny with regards to suitability and security, but the facts are the technology has certainly transformed the way many businesses plan budgets and use IT. Cloud has a proven ability to provide companies with greater flexibility and reliability to support smarter and more efficient use of the ICT systems a modern business, of any size, uses today.

“Companies are continuing to produce an increasing amount of data, using more applications and programmes than ever before. For smaller businesses especially, this can be a drain on personnel resources and budgets.

“With IFB’s Cloud platform, companies can confidently move their business critical systems and applications to the Cloud. IFB will manage underpinning technologies, securities, infrastructure and operations.

“Whilst not all IT services can be Cloud based for reasons of operation, legality or compatibility, the efficiencies offered by outsourcing and utilising Cloud services free up personnel and allow them to add real value to the business.

“Cloud-based software can help small businesses lower costs, in some cases by a significant amount. The technology is easy to access and use and can offer long term savings through efficiencies, elasticity and economics.

“Cloud computing is viewed by many as the next stage of innovation in the development of computing and the consumption and use of IT. Organisations can achieve true cost efficiencies whilst improving business continuity by providing a revolutionary way of running and managing data”.

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