Smart Converged Solutions make Compromise Unnecessary

“Small businesses vary hugely. They have different needs and different circumstances – both of which have a bearing on their choice of communications platform. While the channel debates the virtue of hosted vs. premise-based solutions, there is really only one solution suitable for an end user – that which is most appropriate. This has often proven problematic when considering smaller organisations, where channel economics often result in a ‘one size fits all’ approach,” comments Rob Pickering, Director at ipcortex. “Frequently, organisations must sacrifice sophisticated business requirements in order to gain the best value – but smart converged solutions make this unnecessary.

“Flexibility is key. Most small businesses intend to grow over time – and they need a phone system that can support this growth. We have long known that, in replacing an existing PBX, small organisations need reliable, future proof solutions that are scalable and long lasting, and able to integrate new features over time. By incorporating this level of flexibility into our VoIPCortex IP PBXs, we have allowed our customers to benefit from a truly apposite solution.

“In order to provide this flexible, scalable and accessible approach, we have developed our IP PBX units with an open ethos – openly compatible hardware with open user and feature licensing. Resellers can choose to provide the handsets that they are most comfortable with – or pass this choice on to the end user. With auto provisioning for many of the major SIP phone brands, system configuration boils down to little more than simply plugging in the handset – saving time, and leading to a huge reduction in deployment costs. In addition, there are no artificial limitations on the number of users that the system can support, allowing the solution to grow as the business grows.

Ever-changing business requirements can be satisfied with the full feature set available on every unit – unlimited voicemail to email, unlimited soft fax destinations, hot-desking, IVR, queues, night mode, hunt groups – the list goes on. All of this without sacrificing the reliability expected from a PBX, while maintaining an accessible, cost effective approach.

“In the last few years, we have seen many smaller businesses demand the advanced feature sets typical of larger organisations. However, implementation of the network infrastructure needed to support many advanced solutions can sometimes amount to unnecessary costs for small businesses. That’s why we launched the VoIPCortex Compact unit last year – designed with smaller organisations in mind. While many large businesses enjoy the convenience of rack mounted IP PBX units, the Compact unit is a small, wall mountable IP PBX that doesn’t require installation within a specialised server room. The VoIPCortex Compact also boasts compatibility with both SIP/IAX trunks and ISDN lines – allowing the end user further flexibility in implementation.”

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