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SMARTCALL Join Summit Exhibitors

Last week saw SMARTCALL sign up for the Convergence Summit South to showcase the VoiceNet 5 and Intelligent Desktop solutions. A spokesperson from SMARTCALL said “At SMARTCALL we see Summit South as a key opportunity to interface with resellers of Voice, Data and Convergence solutions.”

On their two products on show at the Summit a member of SMARTCALL stated “The latest release of the SMARTCALL VoiceNet product embraces modern business practices whilst keeping its proven reliability and user friendly interfaces. Our latest CTI driven and software only solution provides a flexible API, ensuring that VoiceNet 5 can integrate seamlessly into existing business systems. The introduction of SMARTCALL Intelligent Desktop allows a new level of recorder control as well as the capturing of advanced business data.”

“SMARTCALL Intelligent Desktop brings new levels of user control to the recording process. With a naturally resilient architecture, users are provided a truly distributed solution. Operating at the agent work point, SMARTCALL Intelligent Desktop will provide a host of advanced features such as; softphone and endpoint recording, screen capture and streaming of both video and audio. A wide range of recording control tools are provided to ensure PCI DSS compliance can be achieved in the widest range of environments.”

sign up the the Convergence Summit here

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine