Snow causes avalanche in mobile comms popularity

Huge snowfalls across the UK have pushed the use of mobile across Britain more than even before, said Orange. With around 20% of the UK workforce off work on Monday, businesses have suffered losses of over £1 billion according to estimates from the Federation of Small Business.

However, many workers managed to carry on working from home, between snowball fights, as public transport failed to materialise on Monday morning.

A spokesperson from Orange said: “It’s the biggest Monday for mobile in years, with people using their mobiles, dongles and WiFi to keep on working in spite of the snow.

“We have seen an uplift in usage across the entire network. The biggest spike for calls and texts was in the morning between 7am and 830am when people were contacting their work to say they couldn’t make it in,” continued the spokesperson. “Throughout the day, the mobile data network has seen a considerable uplift with people logging on from home to keep up to speed with work. WiFi usage is also up. People are also using their phones to upload photos of them messing around in the snow to social networking sites like Facebook.”

Public transport on Tuesday was marginally better than Monday, but many roads are still closed and public transport is patchy at best.

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