Softer Sales Spark Increased Growth for Resellers

‘Seeing is believing’ is the message from Nimans and Swyx as their new business partnership makes significant strides forward – delivering increased margin-rich sales opportunities for resellers.

“There’s been tremendous interest so far. From a northern trade exhibition to our first roadshow, it is clear there is a lot of enthusiasm and hunger in the channel, especially in the north of England where Nimans has a particularly strong market penetration,” explained Andrew Wlodek, Senior Channel Account Manager at pure IP PBX vendor Swyx.

He continued: “The orders pipeline is growing all the time. Our experience shows that the telecoms resellers grasp the product proposition very quickly from a sales perspective, and those from the data arena, from a technical aspect. The key for them both is to demonstrate this product to end users because it really does sell itself. Seeing really is believing, as end users want to see how easy something is to use, not just read about it or be told.

“There’s a big opportunity for resellers to embrace. Out there in the market there are lots of hardware-based PBX products competing against each other which inevitably drives down price, but as Swyx offers a different market proposition, Swyx resellers do not suffer from these same issues. They can concentrate on delivering feature-rich applications.”

Swyx provides a complete scalable solution for small and medium-sized companies which is simple to set-up, administer and manage. When it comes to adding users and new options there are no hardware limitations as it is a software-based solution with none of the typical legacy issues in terms of customer investments.

Andrew stressed: “Software updates ensure SwyxWare is a timeless and future-proof platform. We are providing a long term solution and are seeing more and more interest from new resellers who are embracing these new market opportunities. Because it is based on Microsoft it is so easy to use. With SwyxWare, end users don’t invest in features they can’t understand or need and this builds stronger relationships between a reseller and his customer as it generates increased satisfaction.”

Sales accreditation training dates have been confirmed at Nimans’ Manchester HQ on 24th June, 5th August, 2nd October and 2nd December. Technical accreditation training takes place on 28th – 30th July, 8th – 10th September and 10th – 12th November.

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