Sorrento and Azzurri Enter Agreement

Sorrento Networks has announced a major partnership with Azzurri Communications. The companies are working jointly to service the UK service provider market for optical transport solutions employing next generation equipment from Sorrento Networks.

Through this partnership, Azzurri customers – which include some of the UK’s largest network providers – will be able to source Sorrento Networks innovative solutions, incorporating its CWDM, DWDM and ROADM products. Critical to this partnership is The Comtek Group’s acquisition of Sorrento Networks intellectual property rights (IPR) and trademarks in late 2014. This acquisition results in new investment in the development, manufacture and support of the Sorrento Networks portfolio, with an ambitious future product roadmap. Azzurri’s customers, with network infrastructures based on Sorrento technology, can look forward to further exciting feature upgrades and continue to equip their optical networks for future growth in bandwidth demand.

Azzurri is reselling Sorrento Networks GigaMux product line. GigaMux enables carriers, enterprises and data centre operators to design networks to be highly scalable, and cost effective.

“Azzurri has been working with the Sorrento range of equipment for many years, and is delighted to be continuing this tradition with Sorrento’s new owners, Comtek. In these days of terrific network expansion and increasing demand for fibre services, this relationship helps us to deliver high capacity services to both our enterprise and our carrier customers,” said Rufus Grig, CTO of Azzurri Communications. “We look forward to working with Sorrento Networks to increase their market presence in the UK, ably supported by Comtek’s extensive technical facilities and expertise in North Wales and Northern Ireland.”

“The Azzurri relationship is Sorrento Networks’ first strategic partnership since being acquired by The Comtek Group,” said Askar Sheibani CEO of The Comtek Group. “’It proves the industry’s demand for Sorrento Networks technology. With our ongoing investment in the development, manufacture and support of the Sorrento product portfolio, and by partnering with Azzurri, we are pleased to be injecting new life into networks relied on by some of the UK’s largest companies.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine