Spam filters work against employees

Over zealous anti-spam filters which block legitimate emails mean one third of workers are missing company deadlines, new research claims.

A recent study conducted by Mirapoint revealed that 66% of employees have had messages that should have got to them blocked by their firm’s anti-spam technology. Two thirds complain it happens on a monthly basis while a quarter are frustrated by the problem every week. As a direct result of not receiving important information in their inbox, 42% of workers admit they have missed a deadline.

Nigel Brooke from Mirapoint commented, “the spam hysteria of the last few years has created the impression that blocking unwanted email is the primary concern for businesses with the result that some service providers and companies appear to have lost sight of their users’ real needs and requirements. The speed and reliability of email delivery is integral to its value as a business communications tool. Filtering unwanted messages ultimately serves no purpose if it undermines the effectiveness of the overall message network’s responsiveness.”

Mirapoint recommend that firms create and enforce an effective employee email policy.

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