SpinVox Gains Rapid Market Acceptance.

SpinVox is gaining rapid market acceptance. In the first half of 2008, record volumes have been achieved, with 6 million using SpinVox in their daily messaging and millions of messages processed every month and Carrier conversion revenues showing phenomenal growth. A brace of new Carriers in existing and new geographies are getting ready to announce their launches of SpinVox.

“With twelve Carrier deployments in the last year, we’ve proven that we have the Carrier-grade scalability to deliver the real-time, accurate voice to text conversion on any phone, anywhere and at anytime at a rate of thousands per minute,” says Spinvox co-founder and CEO, Christina Domecq.

“In fact, SpinVox is the fastest growing network service feature in years. Mass activation of the customer base is driving exponential growth in user numbers fuelled from it being a standard calling feature, an all-you-can-eat option through to bundling it with Blackberry data plans and messaging packs.”

SpinVox is delivering on the constant Carrier search for ARPU. Analysis from live deployments has shown SpinVox subscribers generate 33% more data overage than those who just use services such as SMS messaging and 11% more than BlackBerry customers each month – a real data accelerator.

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