SpinVox gives a voice to satisfaction surveys by Encoded

Encoded, the supplier of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions has partnered with SpinVox, the Voice-to-Screen messaging company, to launch a voice-enabled enhancement to its Metrix telephone survey system, giving a ‘voice’ to customers and employees.

Encoded’s decision to offer access to SpinVox as part of its customer and employee satisfaction telephone survey won the company new contracts in the UK as well as in the US where it has just completed a 50,000 employee survey over two weeks for a major telecoms carrier.

Metrix is a fully automated telephone survey system which can be used to measure customer satisfaction and gather marketing intelligence across organisations, but is also a valuable tool for human resources departments looking to improve employee participation in and feedback to surveys.

SpinVox now adds unique capability to Metrix, by offering the ability to capture open comments from customers or employees surveyed via telephone. SpinVox then converts the comments to text, injects the text into Encoded’s reporting framework, matching up the response with the caller’s multiple choice answers to report the entire caller survey response.

“Our clients are extremely happy with the results and we believe that adding SpinVox to our service has the potential to change the way companies think about gathering opinions,” says Hamza Whitmore, managing director, Encoded.

“Marketing, Customer service and HR departments are always looking for new ways to encourage feedback from their respective audience, and this is an innovative and cost-effective way of doing so in the most natural way possible – using their voice,” adds Christina Domecq, CEO, SpinVox.

Encoded plans to integrate SpinVox into more of its customer contact products, including into the voicemail element of its system. SpinVox will pick up unanswered calls and convert the voicemail to text and deliver it to the most appropriate destination, enabling companies to capture calls when their customer service agents are unavailable, busy or it is out of hours.

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