Spitfire Announces SIP Communicator V2

Spitfire, the ISP and Internet telephony service provider, has introduced an improved version 2 of its SIP Communicator hosted telephony service. SIP Communicator provides phone system functionality hosted remotely by Spitfire and only requires SIP compatible handsets, making the service an extremely cost-effective solution for business start-ups and small businesses that are growing and anticipate moving premises.

Designed as an end-to-end service, the company also says SIP Communicator is also ideal for multisite operations such as retail branch networks or small businesses employing home workers. Where a business has home workers or workers in many different locations, then SIP Communicator provides real business and economic benefits because staff can call each other free of charge and incoming calls can be routed to any location.

SIP Communicator offers all the usual phone system features of holding and transferring calls, but has a number of additional benefits. The system can be configured via the Internet, allowing change of feature set-ups as when required, without incurring any engineering charges. Multiple hunt groups can be set up for incoming calls to ring telephones simultaneously or sequentially. SIP Communicator also provides voice mail, auto-attendant and conference call functionality.

In version 2 just launched, SIP Communicator now includes additional features and functions such as: conference scheduling, parking a call, voicemail to e-mail, and web browser voice mail interface

SIP Communicator requires no capital outlay or in-house technical expertise and the service is very flexible. Billing is based on a monthly service charge and the costs are estimated to be about fifty percent less than a conventional phone system.

For Spitfire, Tom Fellowes, Sales Director said of the launch of SIP Communicator version 2, “The recession has seen hosted telephony take off because the cost savings and business benefits are so compelling. As a service provision hosted telephony is a 100 percent tax deductible business expense, unlike the capital expenditure for a conventional phone system. And it costs half the price. It provides free inter-site calling, it’s totally future proof and completely flexible. If you move offices you just transfer the service to your new location. Version 2 of Spitfire’s SIP Communicator provides even more functionality and we anticipate great demand.”

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