SpliceCom Debuts New Platform for Large Enterprise & Hosted/Managed Telephony

SpliceCom, the IP convergence company whose maximiser platform combines voice, video, IP TV and web enabled IT applications at the desktop today announced the availability of maximiser XS, a super-scalable IP Telephony platform supporting up to 100,000 users and extensions.

With maximiser XS SpliceCom have taken their existing 5 Series maximiser application suite and delivered it on Apple’s high-reliability Xserve Unix platform. Offering all of the familiar maximiser architectural trademarks – distributed processing, cost-effective scalability, equal support for IP and analogue phones, independence from the underlying LAN infrastructure – maximiser XS utilises Apple’s server technology to support up to 100,000 users within a single system.

“We’ve developed maximiser XS with large-scale PBX migration and replacement in mind,” says Sean Harding, SpliceCom’s CEO. “Provision of Integrated DPNSS trunks, high density support for existing analogue handsets and ISDN interfaces supporting NT & TE connectivity for Trunk Grooming has been key to our winning good business with the maximiser 5 Series where connectivity to traditional PBXs is required. maximiser’s deployment in-conjunction with these legacy PBXs has allowed businesses to expand their extension and trunk capacity, or add applications that their existing PBX is incapable of supporting; Voicemail, Auto Attendant, IVR, Call Centre, Mobility, IP Trunking, etc. We’ve been particularly successful in this manner with the installed base of iSDX/Realitis, MD110, SX 2000 and INDeX customers. The scalability of maximiser XS allows us to now address even the largest traditional PBX installations in an identical manner.”

The University of Cambridge uses maximiser XS running on dual Xserve platforms to provide Voice Processing and Mobility services for their 15,000 users. “maximiser XS was chosen because we see it as a new generation product, not a legacy system that has been ‘IP enabled’,” said Chris Barron, Telecoms Project Manager for The University of Cambridge. “The ability to integrate with our Siemens iSLX PBX and natively into our browser based application architecture immediately differentiates maximiser XS from other products in the marketplace.”

“We are replacing the whole of our voice network and we consider the Voice Processing System as a key strategic component – particularly as it must operate across the old and new networks,” continued Barron. “As the first part of the rollout visible to our users, maximiser XS allows us to deliver obvious benefits in advance of the disruptive process of replacing handsets at the desktop. The maximiser XS facility set, alongside its web user and delegated management interface provides us with the perfect platform to offer new features and services to our 15,000 iSLX users.”

In addition to supporting up to 100,000 users, maximiser XS also allows multiple Virtual maximiser Call Servers to run on a single Xserve platform, with each Virtual Call Server being capable of running a different level of software if required. This makes maximiser XS perfectly suited for Managed, Hosted and Multi-Tenancy IP Telephony requirements.

IP-Xchange.com has been providing Managed and Hosted IP Telephony solutions for the past three years. As MD Kevin Winstanley explains, “IP-Xchange.com is all about delivering a service that allows our customers to work smarter rather than harder. This combines increasingly flexible working practices, such as home working, office ghosting and Multi-Location partnerships with the need to take full advantage of the swing to new IP technology and desktop application integration. And we deliver all of this to our customers without the hassle of them committing long-term valuable financial and management resources.”

“One of the many things we’ve leant along the way is that, in order to deliver the service and experience we truly want our customers to experience, there has to be a shared vision and true partnership between the platform vendor and the service provider. It’s for this reason, in conjunction with its open architecture and Virtual Call Server capabilities, that we’ve chosen SpliceCom’s maximiser XS as the basis of our 2nd Generation IP Telephony service delivery,” concludes Winstanley.

maximiser XS can be provisioned with as few as 510 IP or analogue extensions, scales up to 100,000 users and is available immediately.

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