SpliceCom Introduce New Entry Level IP Phone

SpliceCom has announced the availability of a new entry-level IP phone – IP 530 specifically designed to work with maximiser to address everyday business telephony needs.

The company says IP 530 is simple to use, providing fixed feature keys that offer one-touch access to handsfree operation, mute, redial, transfer, conference, and voice-mail features. In addition, call history, personal phone directory, do-not-disturb status and phone settings can all be viewed and controlled via four context- sensitive “soft” keys, which are used in conjunction with the back-lit graphics display.

In common with all SpliceCom 5 Series phones, the IP 530 supports inline power, which allows the phone to be powered over the LAN. This capability allows network administrators to centralise power control and reduce the overall power budget for the telephone system.

“The IP 530s blend of feature convenience and ease-of-use make it the ideal choice for those who want to carry out everyday business telephony tasks, but don’t need the extended capabilities offered by our advanced PCS 580, 570 & 560 IP Phones,” says Robin Hayman, SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing & Product Management. “For those just wanting to make and receive phone calls, see who’s calling them, transfer calls, manage their voicemail and set up the occasional three-party conference, SpliceCom’s IP 530 is the obvious choice.”

For those wanting just a little bit more from their phone, the IP 530 can also be used in conjunction with SpliceCom’s browser based, Vision Mobility Portal to access even more maximiser system features. Save time by looking up and automatically dialing telephone numbers of contacts, colleagues and departments via the unified maximiser system database. See at a glance if colleagues are available to take your call before you ring them. Setting up where and how you want to take your personal and Departmental calls when you’re away from your desk, or out of the office and changing your “out of office” message so colleagues can immediately see where you are. The combination of SpliceCom’s IP 530 IP Phone and the web-based Vision Mobility Portal delivers freedom, flexibility and control to the modern workforce.

“Whether it’s used on its own, or deployed in conjunction with the Vision Mobility Portal, SpliceCom’s IP 530 is the entry-level IP phone that simplifies everyday business telephony,” concludes Hayman.

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