Splicecom Introduce Next-Gen “Keyless” IP Screen Phone

Nearly five years after shipping PCS 400, the worlds first “keyless” IP Phone, Splicecom has enhanced its design and released the PCS 410. Taking advantage of the latest advances in touch screen technology and processing power allows the PCS 410 to deliver images that are even brighter and clearer than its predecessor, offering an increased speed of response and wider viewing angle.

Built around a large 640 x 480 pixel, full colour, VGA touch screen, the PCS 410, Splicecom say it is the ideal vehicle for the convergence of IP Telephony and web-based applications. In addition to delivering the high levels of intuitive usability more readily associated with GSM Phones, the PCS 410’s in-built web browser allows it to remain a valuable desktop tool, even when its not being used to make or receive phone calls.

Intranet pages, internet information, web based applications and images from web cams and IP Video cameras can all be viewed from the PCS 410’s large screen. System Managers and Administrators can choose to automatically “push” these Web pages to the PCS 410 in direct response to a wide-variety of criteria; incoming CLI, number dialed, time of day/day of week, or physical devices such as alarms, sensors or push buttons.

In addition to the ability to view more directory entries, voicemail messages, missed call listings and last numbers dialled then ever before, Splicecom’s PCS 410 provides their customers with the choice to decide what’s right for their business and where they want to run their converged applications; on their screen phone or on the PC.

“The PC is a great multi-purpose business tool, with a desktop that will dynamically change in-line with the tasks or applications that are being used on it at any particular time,” says Sean Harding, Splicecom’s CEO. “In contrast, the PCS 410 is a “sealed unit” providing valuable real estate on which business critical information and applications – and only business critical information and applications – can be displayed, all under the control of the IT Manager.”

“Our findings, based on nearly four years of real implementations to businesses of all sizes, shows that when the information that needs to be displayed is important, it needs to be shown in isolation rather than fighting to be seen on an already crowded screen. Using the PCS 410 for this task offers both convenience and control when compared to a PC, which will invariably be in use for another task. It’s rather like a calculator. Every PC is supplied with this application, yet most people still choose to use a conventional calculator to save them opening up yet another window on their desktop,” concludes Harding.

Splicecom’s PCS 410 “keyless” IP Screen phone is available with immediate effect.

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