Splicecom Review their 2007

Product Marketing Director Robin Hayman writes to review the company’s year.

“To say it was a busy year at SpliceCom would be a gross understatement. In chronological order we’ve; launched maximiser Internationally, beat TeleWare to win a Voice Processing & Mobility deal for 15,000 users at The University of Cambridge and completely transitioned our product range. The introduction of the maximiser 5 Series platforms allowed us to halve the number of modules in our portfolio, whilst at the same time doubling our overall system capacity. On the back of this, the latest MZA figures give us a 16% share of the IP PBX market in the UK and we’ve followed that up by posting a 39% growth in system sales for the following quarter.

We’ve also noted that the messages coming from some of the larger players in our market are spookily similar to those used by SpliceCom at maximiser’s launch in January 2003. In particular Unified Communications, which promises to converge telephony with IT applications and Apple’s completely keyless iPhone get the thumbs up from all at SpliceCom – after all it can be very lonely at times when you’re blazing the trail on your own!

So what have we introduced during 2007 to ensure we can confidently keep our lead when it comes to product innovation? Provide secure web based clients for the ultimate in mobility, operating completely independent of platform/operating system, with no need to load applications on the PC or set-up costly VPNs, “Pay-As-You-Go” applications delivered via a hosted web portal and support for IP TV on the PCS 410 (did I mention that this is a keyless, full colour, touch screen IP phone?) to name but three.”

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