Staffordshire Companies Perform for Glastonbury

Technology from Staffordshire is helping the famous Glastonbury Festival monitor traffic and crowd control this year, as organisers of the five day festival has chosen two firms from Stoke-on-Trent to provide their CCTV technology via a high speed broadband connection.

Keele based Internet Services Provider; Internet Central has provided the technology behind the new broadband CCTV, with installation of the broadband equipment by Broadband Logistics of Stoke supporting Crimesecure Ltd.

Using high speed ADSL technology Internet Central has enabled the Glastonbury Traffic Management team to view CCTV cameras monitoring both crowd and traffic levels via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is connected to the main control room. Due to the high speed of the broadband connection and the security levels on the VPN there is no time delay in the images being relayed giving the Traffic Management team up to the second information, vital for such a large event as Glastonbury.

Internet Central will also be providing full cover support to the Festival team, answering their questions immediately through dedicated engineers on their live chat, without the need for them to make a phone call or send an email, with fast response times outside of normal business hours.

Tony Daniel Communications Manager for Glastonbury Music Festival commented: “Each year our technology steps up a level and over the last 6 years we have used CCTV to monitor Traffic and Crowd issues on both the inside and outside of the perimeter. We have always suffered from poor quality networks in the village and other locations along the A361 and A37 (7 locations) which has meant that the video keeps dropping out and for long times we have had no signals reaching the site. This year we used Broadband Logistics and Internet Central for our external ADSL provision. It was supplied on time, configured quickly and has been up from day one with no interruptions something we have not had before. So we know who we will be using in the future based on this years’ performance.”

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