STL’s Olympic gagging order lifted

STL is celebrating that a gagging order preventing businesses which provided goods and services to the London 2012 Olympics from promoting their involvement in the games has been lifted, after the government paid the British Olympic Association £2m. The decision was announced on Sunday by the secretary of state for culture, Maria Miller, and chairman of the BOA, Lord Coe. It followed a campaign by companies like STL who were involved in the Games for the right to include details of their involvement in marketing materials.

STL provided the telephone systems, lines and calls for L2012C, the organisation that masterminded the iconic opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. “Winning the contract to supply the telephony for L2012C at the Olympic Stadium was one of the most prestigious projects that we have ever won but until now, all that has been permitted was a 150 word case study hidden amongst others on our website.” said Brendon Cross, MD of STL Communications. STL took its case to their constituency MP, David Cameron, who said that he would create a situation where STL could speak publicly about what they were doing for the games.

Brendon concludes, ‘Clearly this is great news for all the businesses who played a part in the delivery of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and being able to talk openly about this involvement can only help STL to win other private and public sector contracts both at home and abroad. Winning these contracts also helps to ensure that we continue to expand which means recruiting and training new staff to fuel the growth’.

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