StrikeAd partners with uKnow to increase ad engagement and offer unique mobile brand safety

StrikeAd, the London and New York based mobile advertising specialist, today announced a partnership with uKnow, a provider of powerful targeting and optimisation solutions. StrikeAd will incorporate the uKnow solution into its mobile platform to offer advertisers contextually relevant distribution channels for every mobile ad campaign while pro actively protecting brands from undesirable and unsafe pages.

The uKnow integration was carried out in partnership with the StrikeAd SSP partners and the contextual categorisation is performed at the SSP level, before the data is passed to StrikeAd. This allows even blind and unnamed traffic to still be contextually categorised and for the information to come through to StrikeAd for all traffic from that SSP. The independent third party verification element further enhances this data, compared to traditionally unverified publisher set data that media buyers normally have to rely on.

The partnership provides StrikeAd with the most accurate targeting possible, even on blind inventory, for advertisers to increase engagement and improve performance of individual campaigns by providing RTB media acquisition with brand protection and audience interest data wrapped in. This ensures that StrikeAd’s clients do not bid on inappropriate pages and provides a high degree of relevance to significantly improve the performance and results of each individual campaign.

“We are delighted to be partnering with uKnow in this space. Many of the brands and agencies which we work with are particularly sensitive in where their content gets placed, so being able to contextually target is a great asset for us,” said Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd. “We’re able to ensure that our clients’ adverts are featured in relevant content to their market or audience, helping them to interact with existing and prospective customers, and ultimately improving brand safety and conversion rates as a result.”

“All results shown to StrikeAd’s DSP have our negative categories automatically applied to each result set, ensuring that campaigns aren’t being featured within inappropriate web pages to improve brand safety,” said Peter Gasparini, Co-Founder and CEO of uKnow. “We’re pleased to be working with StrikeAd in this capacity, and look forward to expanding our relationship further by offering uKnow’s BluePrint App for customised targeting channels, in line with the company’s rapid growth and support for agencies.”

StrikeAd offers the world’s first mobile-specific advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP). It allows media agencies to manage and optimise multiple global mobile advertising campaigns from multiple advertisers from a single platform. Advertisers can buy best performing inventory to provide effectively filtered and optimised sales leads.

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