Superfast broadband brought to South Yorkshire by Fluidata and Digital Region

Residents and businesses in South Yorkshire will soon be able to get a choice of superfast broadband access from more than 50 Internet Service Providers (ISPs), using a platform from data communications company Fluidata, that connects ISPs to a fibre optic network built by Digital Region. Digital Region covers 80 per cent of South Yorkshire.

Fluidata uses its own technology to interconnect ISPs, creating a network (often into areas that are not well served by broadband providers) without each individual ISP having to invest in building their infrastructure. This means better choice for households, as well as giving ISPs the ability to offer services in new or remote areas.

The cost of building a ‘last-mile’ connection can be significant for an ISP. By using the Fluidata platform that cost is shared between the providers using the platform, making broadband affordable for both the ISPs and local communities to buy. It also enables ISPs to provide services in markets where previously they had no presence.

“If the government is serious about providing everyone in the UK with decent broadband, then we need to think differently,” says Piers Daniell, MD of Fluidata. “There are creative and effective ways to provide broadband choice across the country. Even providing broadband in rural areas doesn’t have to be one-horse race.”

David Cowell, chief operating officer at Digital Region said: “The partnership between Fluidata and Digital Region means better broadband services and better choice for residents and businesses in South Yorkshire. The Digital Region network is transforming broadband provision in South Yorkshire.”

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