Swyx adds business-class Instant Messaging

IP PBX vendor Swyx has announced the addition of business-class IM (Instant Messaging) capabilities to its IP communications solution SwyxWare, giving organisations a controlled and secure environment for real-time interaction between colleagues.

Swyx’s Product Marketing Director Jayne Dimmick commented: “The introduction of IM as part of the central communications system means that organisations can give employees the advantages of using IM between colleagues, but without the dangers and lack of control posed by downloading and using third party packages.”

“Many organisations have banned the use of IM because of the associated security risks and also because it has been abused by staff for non-business purposes. By bringing IM within a controlled business environment, organisations can safely re-introduce a tool that can substantially improve productivity, especially within organisations that are spread across different locations. Used in conjunction with SwyxWare’s presence features, IM can also be a valuable tool for allowing remote workers to stay in touch and make known their availability to office-based counterparts.”

SwyxIt! Messenger can be easily activated via the SwyxIt! softphone and will automatically pop up when there is an incoming IM, enabling co-workers to send and receive instant messages or switch to other mediums using the ‘click to call’ or ‘click to email’ buttons. Available with SwyxWare 6.12, SwyxIt! Messenger is easy to install as a simple software update for existing SwyxWare users, and it is easy to roll-out because it shares the same user profile and therefore no additional third-party accounts need to be created.

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