Symbian and Cicero collaborate to enable Voice Call Continuity

Cicero Networks, a provider of rich communications solutions for fixed mobile convergence and Symbian have announced a proof of concept for voice mobility across multiple networks on FreeWay, Symbian’s IP communications architecture on Symbian OS.

Cicero, an active member of the Symbian Partner Network, and Symbian have collaborated to enable Voice Call Continuity (VCC) using the FreeWay communications architecture and CiceroVCC engine. The solution provides seamless in-call handover to enable roaming between circuit switched networks and all-IP based IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) networks including long term evolution (LTE) and WiMAX.

As users move through mobile networks today, calls move seamlessly between cells and the user is unaware that this is happening. As all-IP networks are deployed in the future, mobile phones will need to move seamlessly not only between cells but also between network technologies, and VCC is the technology that will allow them to do this.

With VCC, users will remain unaware of network switching during phone calls allowing operators to deploy all-IP networks in a staged manner, by having calls switch seamlessly between all-IP networks and traditional circuit switched (CS) networks.

Jonathan Webb, principal product manager at Symbian, stated: “As mobile service providers deploy next generation IP-based voice networks, being able to support the old and new is critical. Our collaboration with Cicero demonstrates FreeWay’s flexibility in enabling voice mobility across multiple network technologies. This is an important step in future network service delivery development.”

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