Symbian Foundation launches office in Japan

The Symbian Foundation has announced the establishment of a new office, based in Japan. The strategic location will allow the foundation to better support its Japanese members, and will bolster the organisation’s efforts to build and engage with a greater developer community. The new base will also enable the foundation to further promote availability and encourage adoption of the Symbian platform in the region.

The Symbian Foundation is a non-profit organisation that exists to provide support and technology to a fast-moving, creative and inspired global ecosystem that is building devices and solutions, based on the Symbian platform. The platform is based on Symbian OS, the most widely used open operating system for mobile phones, integrated with software assets contributed by Nokia, NTT DOCOMO, and Sony Ericsson, including the S60 and MOAP(S) user interfaces. Portions of the source code have already been moved to open source; by mid-2010, this process will be complete.

The Symbian Foundation’s main focus in Japan will be to: Support and collaborate with companies currently making devices and software based on the Symbian platform; Create opportunities for developer discussion and energise the developer community, for example through the activities of Symbian Working Groups; Support developers through seminars on the latest technical developments; Manage and publish essential information regarding the platform, and encourage community discussion and collaboration, via websites, forums, wikis, blogs, and other channels; Promote availability and encourage adoption of the Symbian platform to a wider Japanese audience.

Through these activities the Symbian Foundation aims to foster further growth and innovation of the mobile market in Japan.

“NTT DOCOMO warmly welcomes the launch of the Symbian Foundation, Japan as an initial board member,” said Toshio Miki, associate senior vice president, managing director of communication device development department, NTT DOCOMO. “As the roles that the Symbian Foundation, Japan will play should have significance on Japanese market in order to emerge attractive mobile devices and services based on Symbian Foundation platform, we look forward to their activities including strong support for developer community. We are keen to make our contribution to the foundation platform, also continue to promote the Symbian Foundation platform together with the Symbian Foundation, Japan.”

Said Shinsuke Yamamoto, vice president and division general manager, personal communication systems division 1, communication systems group, Sharp Corporation: “Sharp believes that the Symbian Foundation will greatly contribute to the development of the telecom industry as a direct result of the move to open source. We also welcome the launch of the Japan office as this will allow us to work much closer together to meet and exceed the high expectations of our customers. Sharp aims to create a better mobile environment for our customers by creating advanced and attractive products that are made possible through our close co-operation with the Symbian Foundation.”

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