T-Mobile Austria rolls out ZBD electronic shelf labels across concept stores

T-Mobile Austria has selected ZBD’s electronic shelf labels for 11 new concept mobile phone stores. The project, which commenced in Q4 2010, has been undertaken by ZBD’s partner in Austria, MMiT following a successful pilot. Each of the new stores will be equipped with ZBD’s fully graphic epop 500 displays.

Following a highly successful 3-month trial, MMiT and T-Mobile now both agree that the new stores offer a completely new point of sale experience for customers and retailers alike. At present, T-Mobile’s other stores use paper price tags for displaying price and phone information to the customers.

By introducing ZBD’s innovative ESL (electronic shelf label) solution, T-Mobile is making a move away from time-consuming, manually cut and costly paper labels, to this new highly integrated system. The new solution frees up staff to provide a much higher level of customer service while also lowering T-Mobile’s carbon footprint by saving on paper costs as well as toxic inks and toners.

T-Mobile will be integrating the shelf labels directly into their current displays, creating a unique, elegant and seamless design. The new stores have been designed to position T-Mobile as a technology leader. Using ZBD’s epop 500 displays, price changes, inventory and new product information can now be seamlessly automated using ZBD’s digital labels.

Commenting on the project, David Rogers, Sales & Marketing Director, ZBD, said, “T-Mobile has positioned itself as an innovator, and it has certainly achieved that by implementing our fully graphic electronic shelf labels in its new concept stores. T-Mobile has worked closely with MMiT to deliver a tailored solution that will provide them with a fast return on investment”.

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