T-Mobile expands GreenRoad Safety Center

GreenRoad Technologies, a driver safety technologies firm, has announced that T-Mobile has extended its deployment of GreenRoad Safety Center to an additional 250 vehicles in its company car fleet to improve driver safety and reduce fuel consumption.

T-Mobile, a GreenRoad client since 2006, has increased the safety of its drivers by nearly 50%. With 2007 savings of £421,000 in crash damages and more than £20,000 in fuel, T-Mobile’s return on investment from fewer accidents and reduced fuel consumption is outstanding. Nigel
Wilkinson, head of health and safety at T-Mobile, commented: “Implementing Safety Center has been one of our best business decisions. We’ve experienced a phenomenal increase in safety, fuel and driver performance, all while reducing our carbon emissions. Our drivers have also embraced the Safety Stars programme which has incentivised them to be at the top of our driving league tables. Safety Center has surpassed our expectations and we look forward to continuing our success.”

By analysing each T-Mobile driver’s performance and continuously providing them with real time coaching, GreenRoad Safety Center improves driving skills. T-Mobile has made an annual saving of 5,063 gallons of fuel and an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 60,249kg.

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