Tech Data Releases New Bid Portal

Tech Data has unveiled a new Bid Portal that provides resellers with a single tool through which the deal registration schemes of multiple vendors can be accessed.

This simple, streamlined way of applying for bids should speed up the process, make it easier to navigate different vendor schemes, and help ensure resellers don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Cathi Low, Director of SMB at Tech Data, said: “The idea of the Bid Portal is to take all the complexity out and make it as simple as possible to apply for special bid pricing. Every vendor will handle bids in their own way and for resellers, getting used to the nuances of each one can be confusing and time-consuming. The Bid Portal irons all of that out and provides our customers with a single form to complete for all the vendors it covers.”

Initially, around 15 of Tech Data’s vendor partners will be covered by the Bid Portal, including major names like HP Inc and Dell. More will be added at a later stage.

InTouch users will be able to access the Bid Portal by clicking on a highlighted link that will be displayed on the Product Details page, if special bid pricing can be applied. This will be highly visible, as highlighted text, directly beneath the product part codes. The Bid Portal page will also be accessible from the main menu structure.

Once they have landed on the page, resellers simply key in the necessary details. The Bid Portal will then progress with the application, posting it to the relevant vendor’s process automatically. Resellers will receive an acknowledgement email with contact details and a clear service level for response times.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine