Technology Innovation makes Telecommunications Greener

Every day billions of people rely on their broadband connections and telephones to stay in touch with the world. But the networks supporting modern telecommunications services consume more than 1 % of the global energy usage in their quest to keep you connected, totaling 160 billion kWh or the CO2 emissions of 33 million cars.

DC power systems vendor Eltek Valere is now kicking off the company’s new green strategy by introducing High-Efficiency DC Power Systems. These systems reduce the operator’s energy bill by 4-8 % cutting the power loss by 50 -66 %, compared to today’s state-of-the art AC-to-DC conversion technology.

Eltek Valere estimates that the 160 billion kWh needed to maintain global telecommunications operations cause emissions of more than 98 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. Between 60% and 70% of that electricity is used to power the network, meaning that the electricity must flow through an AC-to-DC power system. The fist product in Eltek Valere’s new green line, the Flatpack2 HE rectifier, offers 96 % efficiency in comparison to the industry standard of between 88-90 %. Eltek Valere already offers 92 % efficiency, the highest in the industry. This increased level of efficiency can save the environment of approximately 3 – 6 million tons of CO2 emissions or the equivalent of between 1 and 2 million cars (depending on whether they are already using Eltek Valere equipment). In addition the telecom operators save millions of pounds in operating costs annually.

“This is an important day for Eltek Valere, the Flatpack2 HE is a bold first step of many as Eltek Valere develops new products that meet the needs of the environment along with the economic demands of our customers,” said CEO and President of Eltek Valere Morten Angelil. “This product has reinforced Eltek Valere’s technology leadership in the industry, and it has enabled the start of a green revolution in DC power systems.”

Eltek estimates that there are approximately 52,000 base stations in the UK and the new DC power systems would cut more than 211,630,200 kWh of wasted electricity, reducing CO2 emissions by 139,263.3 tons annually, the same as parking 46,000 cars. At the same time the change will save operators almost £22 million every year.

The telecom industry faces a major challenge in combining growth with compliance of the newly proposed EU emissions legislation aimed at reducing CO2 emission with 20 percent by 2020. Eltek Valere’s green strategy will help the telecommunications industry respond to EU’s initiative.

“Currently there are very few ways for telecom operators to cut their emissions and the Flatpack2 HE is one of the few concrete steps the industry can take in order to do their part in the battle against global warming. And with UK energy prices the reduction in operating costs makes the payback period only 18 to 24 months, so the product also makes very good business sense,” said Phil Young, Managing Director, Eltek Valere (UK) Ltd.

In the future, the company will extend its power saving technology across its entire rectifier product line as well as its controllers and systems, and could adapt it to products for IT/data centers, alternative energy generation, industrial and utility markets.

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