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Telappliant Goes on Acquisition Trail

Telappliant, a 11 year old London-based communications provider, specialising in Internet telephony solutions for businesses, announced today that it has acquired Unitel One Source, a Manchester-based communications provider. The purchase of Unitel One Source marks a major milestone in Telappliant’s history, as it executes its acquisitions strategy.

The marriage of the two companies will bring many benefits to Telappliant. Unitel One Source is an experienced player in delivering connectivity solutions to multi-tenant buildings, and a prominent player in the Government Connection Vouchers scheme, which enables businesses to upgrade their communications infrastructure at minimal cost.

“This is a very exciting day for us”, said Tan Aksoy (pictured), Managing Director of Telappliant. “This is our first acquisition and the company we have purchased is an excellent fit for us. Unitel One Source brings five years of experience delivering infrastructure connectivity as well as a highly agile and capable technical team.”

“Telappliant and Unitel One Source complement each other in so many ways,” said Gary Nield, Managing Director of Unitel One Source. “From Unitel’s perspective, this deal brings access to the London market, to greater reserves of financial and human capital, and the prospect of driving sales in much greater volumes. In return, Unitel will offer Telappliant access to new markets, an expanded network services portfolio, and a creative team to drive innovation.”

Over the next few months Telappliant plans to integrate Unitel One Source fully into the 45 staff business and roll out a comprehensive data services portfolio to complement its highly successful VoIP services. It is also currently evaluating targets for its second acquisition.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine