Telcordia accelerates service launch with Activator

Telcordia, a global developer of IP, wireline and mobile telecommunication software and services, has announced a breakthrough in the speed of introduction of new telecom services and network devices with the latest release of its next gen service activation product, Telcordia Activator.

Until now, communication service providers’ (CSP) programs to introduce additional services have been reliant on vendors developing extra software to support new processes, services or device types. This significantly added to the cost, complexity and time to bring new products to market at scale. But through its innovative modelling and scripting technologies, Telcordia Activator eliminates the need for specialized adapter software development. This removes a complete set of development-related costs and time from the new service introduction process; typically shrinking the project timescale from months to weeks.

Total cost of ownership is also reduced compared to traditional activation solutions, since services can be extended or created inhouse without the need for expensive development resources.

With Telcordia Activator, CSPs can now consolidate and automate all service activation on a single, flexible platform that significantly boosts accuracy, speed and ensures a flawless first time customer experience.

Available as a standalone activation platform that can be integrated with any existing Operations Support System, Telcordia Activator is also pre-integrated with Telcordia Next Generation OSS including Telcordia Granite Inventory.

“Communication service providers’ need for fast and repeatable concept-to-market cycles remains fundamental. They continue to seek out innovations that will reduce the time and cost of that key process, in order to sustain a competitive advantage,” said Bill Wanke, president, operations solutions, Telcordia. “Activator streamlines one of the major contributors of delay and expense to next generation service introduction, and will be a major boost to service providers who want to accelerate their plans for next generation service rollout without relinquishing control over costs.”

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