Telehouse buoyed by growing confidence in IaaS

Telehouse has been boosted by the news of a recent survey that highlighted the increase in the use of infrastructure-as-a-service by midmarket and enterprise organisations.

The results have pointed to a large percentage of respondents (70%) using storage, with 78% of respondents choosing public cloud IaaS services that allow them to integrate with their own private cloud and data centre infrastructure.

This news comes at an important time for Telehouse, who are expanding into new markets with their cloud and data centre offering. Recent analysis of the European data centre market by Broad Group has shown that the market is set to almost double in the near future, from 16%-28%, and with confidence growing in IaaS across the industry, it demonstrates that Telehouse are on the right track.

Launching in the UK, French and Asian markets, Telehouse is riding on the back of the increasing demand for secure and resilient IaaS offerings, by setting the standard for the industry so that the demand is both met and satisfied.

In Moscow it has just launched it’s 45th global Telehouse data centre, which is the only Tier III data centre for its design and facility in Russia and Eastern Europe. In France the launch of Telecloud has been a huge success, now hosting some of the world’s largest gaming companies, driven by Telehouse’s hybrid strategy of physical and virtual infrastructure.

Michelle Reid, sales and marketing director at Telehouse Europe, commented: “What this survey confirms is that our efforts in the incremental diversification of the Telehouse business through the hybrid offering of physical and virtual infrastructure fits the needs of today’s customer.

“IaaS is now becoming an integral part of many organisations IT infrastructure, and so our target is to demonstrate the benefits to those who have yet to understand how critical it can be for a business without isolating our traditional data centre clients.”

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