TeleWare Trial Private Mobile Network

TeleWare has announced the completion of an internal trial of a Private Mobile Network at its Thirsk headquarters. The intelligent Mobile Network (iMN) product has been developed and installed for use as an enterprise PBX for mobile handsets.

Private Mobile Network technology allows all outbound and incoming phone calls to be carried across a private localised 2G GSM cell within the TeleWare offices and uses standard GSM mobile handsets. The pilot was carried out under a test and development licence for spectrum from Ofcom.

“The trials have been a tremendous success and the test users group have reported consistently high call quality and full mobility during making, receiving or transferring calls between mobiles intra office and between mobiles and landline phones”, explains Richard Holland, Product Marketing Manager. The system is installed within a mixed IP, TDM and mobile network using Cisco Call Manager, Siemens iSDX and the TeleWare iX (intelligent eXchange) and intelligent Mobile Network. The pilot included a remote office extension over an internet VPN. “The solution is designed for campuses, large office complexes, and SMEs through a hosted service where staff need to make and receive calls with a high degree of mobility. The system enables businesses to maintain control of the infrastructure and to reduce and manage call costs for mobiles. TeleWare’s iMN system enables regulatory conformity using mobile and provides business continuity across the mobile infrastructure on a wide area basis.”

As staff move into the range of the intelligent Mobile Network GSM coverage, the user’s mobile phone registers with the system and allows calls that would normally be made via the operator’s GSM network to be made instead over the private mobile network.

“In terms of cost savings alone the system has some unique advantages. Any mobile calls within the same local private mobile network have no per minute billing. The system is especially useful to large organisations that have multiple sites with a connecting IP infrastructure. In this scenario, calls can be made between private mobile networks at different sites by transporting voice over the company VPN or over the internet. ”

The operation of the intelligent Mobile Network solution is seamlessly supported by the enhanced communication solutions from the TeleWare product portfolio.

TeleWare has two commercial trials planned using mobile spectrum from established Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and has further customer trials under discussion, including existing FTSE 100 customers and NHS Trusts. Details of these trails will be released over the next few months.

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