Telmap dominates the mobile navigation space

Telmap, mobile location solution company, has announced that according to an independent research conducted by analyst house Canalys, it is the dominant provider of mobile navigation in EMEA.

The research showed that in EMEA, Telmap has 46%of the marketshare in mobile navigation, as of the end of Q3 2009.

The Canalys research looked into the use of mobile navigation across EMEA and found that of the 2.6 million people using phone-based mobile navigation solutions on a regular basis (excluding people using free trial offers), operator-provided navigation services, based on Telmap’s solution was the number one choice, ahead of other providers including Nokia who achieved the second largest share of the market with just under 15%.

This achievement is a result of Telmap’s cooperation with mobile operators to deliver a comprehensive range of mobile navigation solutions to end users. In 2009 operators started introducing navigation as an integral part of their data and tariff plans, which increased end user adoption rates, as users now get to enjoy an additional service as part of the overall value bundled into their mobile services package. The Telmap solution itself, which is simple, intuitive and user friendly, attributed to high adoption rates as well as to low attrition rates.

In 2010, with operators increasingly placing more and more importance on navigation, it is clear that mobile navigation will continue to play a crucial role in the development of the mobile industry, according to Telmap. By realising the value behind a personalised, contextualised and localised user experience, the industry is set to pay attention to the values behind a smart location-based services strategy.

“2009 has been a great growth year for Telmap and we are very pleased with the research results. Building an LBS ecosystem with operators remains a dominant strategy for Telmap, and the research indeed confirms that even with the introduction of competing propositions, operator-provided LBS will continue to evolve as the winning LBS strategy,” said Oren Nissim, CEO at Telmap.

Added Chris Jones, vice president, Canalys: “With search, mapping and navigation becoming a core mobile service, we believe that in the near future we will see more and more operators offering navigation as a core part of their mobile offering, providing users with a high quality service, that offers a great value together with a consistent, branded and customised experience to end users.”

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