Telmap introduces Lonely Planet into location solutions

Telmap, mobile location solution company, has announced the availability of Lonely Planet digital information as an integral part of Telmap’s mobile search, mapping and navigation solution.

Users of the Telmap solution will be able to enjoy easy access to the breadth of travel information from Lonely Planet, optimising their out and about experience.

Telmap provides whitelabel, hosted and managed search, mapping and navigation solutions to mobile operators; solutions that are designed to serve all users’ needs while on the go, offering a variety of location-related content such as traffic, speed cameras and points of interest information.

In order to provide first rate local content that can serve as a real service differentiator, Telmap is working to identify those content providers and local brands that are best in their field and have extensive local knowledge and maximal coverage of each respective market.

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel information provider, was selected as it is a globally respected brand, viewed by travellers as the authority in travel. Lonely Planet is committed to honest, trustworthy, updated travel advice and content that spans the world, in a localized, by-geography approach. As such, Telmap believes that integrating Lonely Planet content into its solution can further Telmap’s vision of delivering end users with a convenient, must have, can’t live without, service that truly makes their on the go lives easier.

“Telmap is working hard to make sure operators have a best in class offering that’s superior to anything else out there. Taking into consideration recent market developments, it is very clear that content is king and having a content-rich offering is a significant differentiator that can help operators win the LBS market, creating a viable alternative to competing offerings. Lonely Planet is a world renowned brand whose content has helped shape experiences of travellers for over 30 years, and we believe it to be a truly valuable addition to our solution. We are very excited to contribute our share to an enhanced user-experience while on the go”, said Motti Kushnir, Telmap CMO.

Lonely Planet information covers tens of thousands of destinations, over 800 cities and regions in more than 150 countries. Lonely Planet information is currently available in South Africa and will be available in additional markets in the future.

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