Telmap launches MOND2

Telmap, a mobile location solution provider, has announced the next generation in Mobile Optimized Navigation Data (MOND), a patented technology from Telmap that provides users with the most advanced experience in mobile navigation.

MOND2, the next generation of MOND, introduces a methodology that allows for a seamless and data optimised experience in mobile navigation that remains independent of the network.

As a result of Telmap’s legacy in mobile navigation and its unique approach to examining user behaviour trends, Telmap has analysed in excess of one billion journeys made using Telmap’s routing and navigation services. Such information has allowed Telmap to introduce a market leading technology, which will optimise mapping information for purposes of mobile navigation in an intelligent and cost effective manner across a wide range of low to high end mobile devices.

Telmap’s CEO Oren Nissim stated: “The MOND2 technology boasts our latest innovations which firmly put mobile navigation ahead of anything currently available on the market, but technology is only half the challenge. As an industry, it is our responsibility to make sure we don’t just ’copy and paste’ the PND solution to mobile, but leverage the unique facets of mobility in handheld devices and develop an experience and service that fits that mould. Our focus is to create a more personalised location experience that can guide the user to any destination in the most efficient manner over any number of modes of transport – not just by car.”

Unlike other wireless navigation technologies that only download the requested route data from A to B – which should a user deviate from that journey would mean they would need to reconnect and recalculate the journey – Telmap’s latest MOND2 technology has the ability to automatically and seamlessly adjust to practically any change in a users’ route without the need to recalculate or download additional information.

By including multiple alternatives to the route in advance, the new MOND2 technology ensures there is no delay in a users’ navigation experience. That consistency of experience also applies when a user makes or receives a call or using another function on the handset.

Following a recent announcement, UK analyst firm Strategy Analytics cited Telmap as users’ preferred navigation solution above competitors Nokia Maps, Garmin and TomTom. The report also revealed that more consumers are ready to adopt mobile navigation in the UK in preference to the in-car PND.

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