Telstra increases campaign productivity using InTelestage

Business Logic Systems, a provider of customer intelligence, marketing automation and customer loyalty solutions for mobile network operators, has helped leading Australian mobile operator, Telstra, increase recharge rates and treble campaign productivity.

By automating the campaign process using InTelestage Campaign Manager, Telstra was able to save costs by minimising the number of people required to implement a campaign and significantly increase speed-to-market of promotions.

To combat the challenge of communicating effectively with pre-pay customers, who are not required to provide any personal information upon joining the network, Telstra implemented InTelestage Campaign Management.

The solution enables operators to run fully-automated, targeted, two-way SMS marketing campaigns from the desktop.

Telstra ran an initial campaign aimed at rewarding profitable customer behaviours in the form of a 10% bonus every time they recharged $30 for more. The solution responds to pre-set criteria and responds by immediately sending an SMS to thank the customer for their recharge and confirm the bonus.

The InTelestage Campaign Management solution was so successful in driving up recharges that Telstra has opted not to run any TV advertisements and simply communicates with pre-pay customers via targeted SMS campaigns.

By automating the entire campaign process Telstra were also able to significantly reduce costs and the time required to implement a campaign, driving up productivity.

“It’s amazing how quickly and easily we can create new campaigns,” enthused Anne Baker, spokesperson at Telstra. “In a competitive pre-pay market it is essential for us to be able to react quickly to changes in customer behaviour. Before the process was lengthy and resource intensive. With InTelestage Campaign Management we have been able to streamline our marketing processes and now it’s all very simple and straightforward.”

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