Tempest Release Latest Zephyr Order Management and Provisioning Software.

Managed billing service provider Tempest Technology, has announced the release of the latest version of its Zephyr Order Management and Provisioning system.

This significant milestone sees the implementation of a full orchestration layer within the software that manages the workflow of multiple order types including WLR2, CPS/IDA, NGN, LLU and Broadband. In practice this means that an order containing multiple elements can be created and validated by Zephyr after which the workflow management takes over to ensure that all order elements are dispatched in the required format to the chosen suppliers system. Completion of one task triggers the next in a configurable order to ensure that where possible there is no leakage of revenue and billing assets are passed into the billing system inventory without delay.

Since the introduction of WLR2, Tempest has been at the forefront of provisioning systems development, providing Zephyr to a number of heavy weight communications providers.

Tempest Technology, Director Tim Sayer said “from the outset we made a large investment in the Zephyr project and have continued this investment to ensure that the product follows the latest programming standards and utilises up to the minute development languages and tools”.

Steve Smith, Operations Director at NEG continued, “Zephyr performs a seamless, end to end provisioning activity for all of our orders to the multiple suppliers that we use. It has streamlined our processes meaning that we are no longer double handling orders. There is no risk of revenue leakage as we no longer have to manually enter billing liability dates within our billing system”.

Zephyr makes these processes seamless but by no means invisible to the Zephyr user. Up to the minute status information is available as the order elements progress with supplier rejection codes translated for the end user making resubmission and jeopardy management easier than ever before.

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