Teneo supports Azzurri’s continued expansion

Voice and data communications consultant, Azzurri, has continued the expansion of its Virtual Network Operator (VNO) capability, by enlisting Teneo’s help to dramatically improve its network monitoring offering.

With over 1,500 nodes across 230 customer networks being monitored by Azzurri’s southern and northern Network Operating Centres (NOCs), the consultancy needed a solution that could identify and flag up problems quickly, allowing fast resolution to underpin its declared objective of offering a first class managed service.

Teneo, European master distributor for Castle Rock Computing products, recommended Castle Rock’s SNMPc Enterprise Manager system, which uses a scalable distributed architecture and incorporates the latest web-based technologies.

SNMPc offers a highly tailorable and sophisticated solution which is specifically designed to help users understand what is on the network, assess the network requirements of each application and use this information to improve the performance of specific applications.

The product automatically discovers and polls SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) devices and produces reports. In the event of a network problem an email or pager alert is instantly generated, allowing Azzurri to notify customers of any issues before they experience service interruptions and have to make contact with Azzurri.

The solution is scalable and capable of monitoring networks with tens of thousands of devices, providing the flexibility that Azzurri requires as its VNO offering grows.

Teneo rebuilt Azzurri’s NOCs using SNMPc to allow the monitoring of multiple networks simultaneously on just one console. Engineers can now get a clear and instant view of how all their customers’ networks are operating and swiftly identify any errors.

Neil Camden, tier 3 support team leader, Azzurri, explained: “Our previous solution was pretty basic and couldn’t cope with the amount of businesses we were servicing. Now we are able to monitor over 200 customers on the same server and have the ability to scale further by adding other devices.”

Camden continued: “Teneo continues to manage the SNMPc for us and we are now looking at amalgamating our northern and southern NOCs into one infrastructure and centralising SNMPc monitoring with Teneo’s help.”

James Hall, head of marketing and operations, Teneo, added: “SNMPc offers flexibility in terms of breadth of service. Because its vendor independent, Azzurri is no longer restricted by the availability of management information bases (MIBs) and because it’s scalable the system now grows with them.”

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