TFM Networks launch Actual Experience

TFM Networks has announced the launch of Actual Experience, a powerful SaaS application which will reduce your fix times and operational costs and allow you to optimise your digital supply chain. The application analyses the complete digital supply chain (equipment, connectivity and applications) and spotlights the often hard to find intermittent or persistent issues compromising IT performance ensuring more end users are happy and productive more of the time.

Intermittent performance problems are largely responsible for the significant frustration of end users and the various engineering teams that make up complex digital supply chains. Without accurate identification of the root cause, issues can extend into weeks, months and in some cases, even years.

With each ineffective fix inevitably come further costs, increased resource utilisation, service disruptions and critically users who are unhappy AND less productive.

After ten years of extensive research, Actual Experience is now able to liberate the performance of such digital supply chains to the level of individual users and problematic areas responsible for compromising end user experience can be identified quickly and efficiently.

For Actual Experience to work its magic, invisible low- resource agents are installed on computers where users are located and controlled centrally. These agents automatically transmit measurement data back to a central Analytics Engine. General performance data is then transformed into application- specific human experience to accurately QUANTIFY the actual human experience of the end user and diagnose sources of impairment ACROSS the digital supply chain, rather than just MEASURE a fixed point or specific technical area.

Actual Experience allows problems not only to be identified but also analysed continuously to enable cost savings and improvement of staff productivity. It also highlights the productivity impact of major IT changes and allows businesses to focus their investment in areas which are proving the most successful.

Managing Director of TFM Networks David Heyes comments on their recent launch and deployment of Actual Experience, “Ultimately, Actual Experience is about cost-effectively optimising IT performance, ensuring happy and productive end users helped rather than hindered by their systems. We are excited to be launching Actual Experience and look forward to the benefits it will bring for our customers.”

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