The Adept4 Group Help IFAs to operate within the law.

From November 14th all FSA regulated firms, along with those providing financial services, will need to record and store all relevant phone calls for at least six months.

The Adept4 Group says their technology provides security, simplicity and ease of use to IFAs. It will provide them with the ability to record and store phone calls, prevent relevant conversations taking place on unrecorded private handsets, comply with local recording regulations overseas and record all mobile communication methods such as SMS and PIN messages.

It’s not the first time The Adept4 Group has worked with the IFA community. It has previously helped IFAs prevent financial crime by ensuring customer data is protected at all times; a task made slightly more challenging by the increase in work mobility and the fact devices are constantly being transported from various locations. The Adept4 Group provided data encryption along with anti virus and laptop backup which ensured that in the event of loss or damage, the IFAs could rest assured that data on their devices would be inaccessible to the wrong people, but could easily be restored to a new device by The Adept4 Group.

David Rimmer at Sesame, an established network of IFAs, added: “We were impressed with Adept4’s range of secure solutions and the services that they could offer our members and so agreed to promote their service to our members through our magazines and direct mail marketing. It’s so important to make businesses across the UK aware of the threats they face in terms of financial crime and we’re delighted that the campaign has been such a success so far.”

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