The iPad…I want one! But what is it?

Although almost a fifth of consumers are interested in purchasing the iPad, yet nearly two thirds of Britons have no idea what the iPad does.

The latest research by TNS Technology, conducted via TNS Omnibus, indicates that despite negative coverage around pricing and a delay in the launch date, nearly one in five people (18%) in the UK have expressed an interest in buying an iPad.

However, despite the media hype, 65% are unable to name any actual iPad features, indicating that there is still very limited understanding of what the new Apple device actually offers.

As Apple prepares to launch its new tablet device into the UK market, current perception (where it exists) is that it is first and foremost a touch screen web browser. Altogether, 18% of Britons described the iPad as an internet-access device and 11% mentioned its screen. Few mentions of any other features were noted in the TNS Technology research.

Robin George, managing consultant at TNS Technology, commented: “With so many British consumers interested in buying an iPad, Apple’s new product is creating some of the greatest pre-launch demand of any new device in history. This is despite the fact that most people don’t actually understand what the iPad is, or what it does. This is testament to the power of Apple’s brand and the success of its earlier products.

“We will soon find out if the iPad delivers on its promise to create a new type of mobile device category and to revolutionise the mobile computing market in the same way that the iPhone transformed the mobile phone.”

Over two thirds (67%) of people who are unlikely to buy the iPad, think that it is too expensive; 36% of people say that they simply are not in the market for a new computer; Londoners are the most excited about the iPad, with 27% saying they intend to buy one; iPhone users are more interested in buying an iPad, with over 40% saying they are likely to purchase one.

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