Three quarters of organisations suffered downtime in 2021

New research from Acronis has exposed some of the most critical shortcomings in cyber protection practices today. The findings were revealed in the company’s annual Cyber Protection Global Report 2022, which surveyed over 6,200 IT users and IT managers from small businesses to enterprises across 22 countries.

The report found that while 78 per cent of organisations globally run as many as 10 different solutions, almost the same proportion (76 per cent) experienced downtime due to data loss. That downtime stemmed from a number of sources, including system crashes (52 per cent), human error (42 per cent), cyberattacks (36 per cent) and insider attacks (20 per cent).

As a result, 61 per cent of global organisations’ IT teams now report a preference for integrated solutions that replace their complicated stacks of cybersecurity and data protection tools with a single, unified console.

Candid Wuest, vice president of cyber protection research, Acronis, explained, “As the entire world is increasingly at risk from different types of attacks, accelerating to universal all-in-one solutions is the only way to achieve truly complete cyber protection. And that’s precisely the problem Acronis has set out to solve.

“Attackers don’t discriminate when it comes to means or targets, so strong and reliable security is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.”

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