Thus Network Takes the Biscuit for Burton’s

Companies are increasingly reviewing what they do and how they do it in order to maximise efficiency and productivity and where possible, look at their processes with a view to reducing their operating costs, including carbon footprint. Burton’s Foods, the manufacturer of some of the UK’s leading biscuit brands, considered how a fully converged communication infrastructure could enable it to leverage new applications and services to reduce costs and drive business efficiencies across the spectrum of its activities. It turned to THUS to supply a network that would ensure a high quality of service and deliver the business benefits it sought.

THUS, a Cable&Wireless business, will supply Burton’s Foods with a 9 site managed next generation data network (provided as a MPLS IP VPN) including third party Data Centre for all of its needs, including voice, data, email, and other corporate applications. It will also provide the scalability to introduce new sites along with the ability and capacity to incorporate new technology, such as IP Telephony, as the company evolves.

Burton’s Foods enjoys a position of high standing in the retail world as a supplier of some of the best loved biscuit brands including Maryland Cookies, Jammie Dodgers, Cadbury Fingers and Wagon Wheels to the UK’s leading high street supermarkets and overseas. It required a robust and reliable communication network that met all of its needs covering the business supply chain, production and distribution outlets. The ability to prioritise traffic over the network with bandwidths tailored to individual site requirements also delivers a flexibility to the network that demonstrates resource efficiency and reduces costs.

Alan Towersey, Head of Business Information Systems at Burton’s Foods said: “The decision to install a converged network was initiated by a desire to reduce costs across the business, including reduction of our carbon footprint by increasing the use of applications and services such as voice and video conferencing. THUS’s account team demonstrated an insight into our business needs and was well positioned to support and advise on the strategic and operational application of the network throughout design and provisioning. We were assured that the network could deliver what we needed and more, both now and as our business evolves and grows. THUS’s solution offered us the best combination of business efficiencies and savings with the potential to achieve the positive economic and environmental impacts that we desired.”
Jesper Lauridsen, Managing Director at THUS, a Cable&Wireless business, commented:

“THUS has significant experience in the retail sector and a track record of delivering solutions with a strong focus on what the customer needs now with an appreciation of what they will need in the future. Relationships built on trust and a record of delivering what has been promised. AT THUS, we pride ourselves on simple and reliable communications solutions that add value to our customer’s agenda.

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