Timico Offers Hosted Exchange and Hosted BlackBerry Solution

Small and medium-sized businesses can now enjoy all the business benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server email both in the office and optionally on their mobile with a reduced capital outlay and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Timico has announced that it can now take the administrative cost and burden out of running an email system by offering a high quality, fast and reliable Hosted Exchange solution supported by 24×7 customer service. This service is complemented by Timico’s Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) service, which eliminates the need for a separate BlackBerry server with all its associated Capex and administration costs.

Timico say their Hosted Exchange and BES services offer major advantages over in-house solutions. In trying to answer their messaging and collaboration needs, SMBs often spend more than their allotted budget and end up with a cobbled-together email solution that doesn’t work as it should, leading to more ongoing management and maintenance costs.

“In today’s business environment, email is critical and the need to be in contact with customers, suppliers and colleagues no matter where you are – in the office, on the road, at the airport or at home – is paramount. With our hosted solutions we make email administration both low-cost and easy, freeing up IT resources and at the same time providing a highly scaleable reliable Exchange email service,” says Matthew Gimlette, Commercial Director of Timico Group.

Many SMBs typically rely on a simple POP3 e-mail account with an internet service provider (ISP) or use a Web-based e-mail service, such as MSN Hotmail. This can be both limited in functionality and inherently insecure providing companies with no control or back up of vital company communication.

However, with Microsoft Exchange all information is stored centrally on a dedicated server so that not only can emails, calendars and contacts be accessed from anywhere, but also that all emails are stored securely so that they can easily be recovered if a laptop is lost. There is also central email filtering and defence to protect against malicious viruses and junk mail.

Furthermore, users of Exchange benefit from the specific business features in Outlook such as a single integrated and backed up email system, shared calendars, folders, contacts and tasks, and access to Corporate directories updated from a central administration interface and much more.

Purchasing an in-house Exchange server and licences has traditionally been costly and has required trained, internal IT support personnel to manage the service. Timico Hosted Exchange removes the upfront and installation costs delivering instant, measurable savings. Even companies which already have an Exchange server can migrate their mailboxes and data to Timico’s service, so that when Microsoft releases a new version of Exchange, customers are upgraded for free, instead of paying for expensive new licences.

A Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) complements Exchange into a mobile environment so that users can replicate their Outlook experience when away from their desks on BlackBerry handsets. Again, no server hardware or licences are required and it is also fully managed, with easy access to IT policy controls through a web interface.

“Large and growing businesses can reap huge productivity and performance benefits from using Microsoft Exchange Server and also from having access to email while on the go. Timico’s Hosted Exchange and BES solutions can make these benefits a reality for companies which would otherwise struggle to meet the upfront capital investment costs of installing and running their own Exchange server and would probably not be satisfied with the resulting service either,” concludes Matthew Gimlette.

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