Timico Ready for Summer with VSDM

Timico has boosted its mobile offerings by adding Vodafone’s Secure Device Manager (VSDM) solution to its suite of services – just in time for summer.

With increasing amounts of workforces operating in multiple countries, the boom in BYOD and the increased likelihood of employees checking their emails or accessing files whilst away on their summer holidays, Timico’s latest offering is well placed within the current market – especially thanks to its remote monitoring controls.

VSDM allows the IT department to place a cap on the amount of data employees are allowed to use. As well being able to check where devices are geographically, access to data roaming can be controlled remotely, preventing any unexpected bills being racked up while employees are out of the country. Devices can also be remotely wiped should they be lost or stolen at any time.

Andrew North, Director of Mobile Services at Timico, said: “This time of year can present a challenging time for both employees and IT managers. Our ‘always on’ method of working coupled with an increasing amount of people who use their devices for both personal and business use means it’s easy for data roaming charges to mount up whilst abroad.

“Our new VSDM solution allows complete control for organisations – providing a secure, flexible and easy to use solution which offers remote controls, up-to-date business intelligence and detailed reporting to prevent any unwanted bill shocks.”

As well as roaming controls, VSDM offers basic laptop management, mobile security and usage monitoring. VSDM also has an easy-to-use portal which allows IT managers to add users themselves, rather than contacting their service provider.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine